Sunday, February 14, 2010

On with the Games!

I entered TWO categories in the Ravelympics - the WIP Dance - you saw the Big Blue Hug afghan in the previous post & Sock Hockey - I knit a LOT of socks so this one's a no brainer, rig

Nope. I just realized today
that I grabbed the wrong yarn. I was going to use the Berroco Sox yarn but ended up grabbing the Regia by mistake but I'm finally into the THIRD repeat of the lace pattern so nothing short of torture is gonna make me rip that thing out again . . . . .

I decided to take on a Challenge. I mean, that's what the Ravelympics are all about, right??? I decided to knit my first charted lace sock - on circs. I normally use 4
bamboo DPs. I've always used 4 DPs. I learned on them & prefer them. I can knit a pair of socks in no time. Not this time.
I cast on during the Opening Ceremonies. Ribbing takes no time & you normally don't have to even watch it much - not this time. The pattern called for a K1P1 with a twisted knit. And then the pattern I chose - Smoldering Hearts - is a charted lace pattern. My fir
st. I decided the pattern was best done on two circs because it's charted in two parts & I didn't want to keep moving stitches around to accommodate the pattern. So far, so good but it's slow.

I ended up tinking about 8 rows because I put a YO in the wrong place twice in the pattern but didn't notice until I was several rows past . . . sob. I did use my Counting Bracelet - made by my pal Karen - but got my rows mixed up anyway . . . so I tinked it back to a recognizable point & started again. You can just see the heart shaping in the pattern in the picture. I'm TWO HEARTS into the pattern & just getting ready to do the third repeat. I'm not sure if I'll even knit the second sock at this rate but, who knows . . .

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