Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello World

I survived the Weekend. I rode the train for the first time in probably, maybe, 10 years. I didn't discover till the END of the day that I didn't validate my ticket in the morning. Yup, I inadvertently became a Scofflaw!! I stuffed that ticket in the machine & it 'clunked' but I didn't realize it was supposed to 'suck' the ticket in & print a time on it before spitting it back. The 'clunk' meant nothing. Ooooops - I'm just an old fart from the 'burbs . . . anyway, I learn quickly. Picked myself up a Bum when I exited the Granville Station - I asked for directions & he offered to be my guide! Bought us both a coffee & bagel at Timmy's right next to the place! After the fact, you can tell where BCIT is because there's a Timmy's, a Starbucks, a Mcdonald's, a Pizza-by-the-slice joint & an Extreme Pita within a half block!!!

54 people attended the weekend class from all over the Lower Mainland & the Island. The class turned out to be a REVIEW of the course which MOST people in the class had not yet finished. Some hadn't even started! One or two were unaware there was an ON-LINE course. Some came to the Review Weekend to find out what to study for. We have three opportunities to write the exam for our Mutual Funds License. Some will not write the exam tonite - one of their three attempts - and go home to review only what's in the handout from the weekend & write again later. I decided to review what I had problems with - two chapters I didn't study - and write the exam tonite just to get it over with!!!

Gad, ONE more climb up all those stairs to Seymour Street & it's over. Unless I fail. I better not fail. I want my life back! I've had more brain & body exercise in the last three days than I've had in the last three months . . . .

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