Thursday, August 19, 2010


I know, I know, nothing has been posted for ages!! I've been Missing In Action, so to speak for the past week or so while trying my best to complete an On-Line course for a Weekend Course that I stupidly signed up for, ohhhh, about three weeks ago. I was told " It's only a two day course over a weekend with the exam on the Monday . . . ." so I paid the 400 bucks, sent in my application & got ready to do the "Weekend Course". Of course, none of these stupid things are that simple & easy!

I found out about a week after enrolling that the "Weekend Course" was just a Case Study Session! I had the course to do, On Line, BEFORE the weekend in question which was less than TWO WEEKS away. Oh yeah, somehow I'm working almost full time & then must come home to my hot little basement & try to do a course in less than two weeks. Good thing I took a Calculus course waaaaay back in the 80s because there are formulas to memorize & use. Did I say we CAN use a calculator?? It can't make noise, must not be programmable & you STILL have to memorize the formulas! And here it is, two days before the "Weekend . . ." and I'm only a little more than half way through. Last night I came home from my job exhausted. I laid down to have a nap - the old eyeballs were red & tired - and woke up FIVE HOURS later - to my surprise. I had something to eat & was back in bed by midnight & slept through to 6:30 this morning! That's tired!

So, now, it's back to the computer. I have to finish learning about Mutual Funds, bonds, stocks, debentures, T-Bills, GICs, Loans, Premiums, Discounts, face values vs market value, Strike, Bid, Ask, Money Markets, the Rights of a Client, confidentiality, Interest, Capital Gains, Grossing up, Taxable Income, Net Income, when you're In the Money, At the Money or Out of Money & Trading in the Market. I still have to find out about the rest! Whooooo Hooooo. Right now - I think I'd rather spin or dye some wool . . . .

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