Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knitting Right Along

I've enjoyed the last few days of cool & damp intellectually even though my joints hate it physically. I creak like an old sailing ship in the mornings & avoid stairs if I can. Thank gawd for fish oil & enteric aspirin!

Not much progression on the 'lump' spinning since it's been too wet to pull the spinner out to the patio - why is it that it rains sideways when
you have an open sided roof???
In my crafting defense
, I've pulled out the latest "hoodie" & am moving rapidly towards the shoulders & hood. The yarn I'm using is rather loud so I found a solid pink to knit the yoke. I'm really hoping that the street kids of Afghanistan don't have the color allergies of the spoiled kid
s in North America. I think the colors are fun but, who knows what a kid will think??? When this one is finished, the next one will be in the grey/tan/cherry. I have about 10 balls of it so I can make another size 10 or 12 sweater for a larger kid.
Also in my own defense, I've been working on the purple Kyler's Kardigan for myself as well - you can see it just peeping out from under the hoodie in the photo. It's the top down garter stitch cardi I've been working on in that nice Marble acrylic yarn from Knitopia. It feels soooooo soft & yummy as I work & I'm really looking forward to wearing it in the Fall. It's almost hip length at the moment!

Haven't knit a sock in some time. I just got tired of socks I guess, although I invested in six sets of Knitpicks Harmony circs. I bought two sets of size 2, 2.25 & 2.50mm needles in the 24" length. When I did the Smoldering Hearts socks, I had to use circular needles to keep the front & back separated because the lace chart had two parts that were slightly different. I'm not totally
comfortable with two circs but I see their advantage when doing patterns or lace. I want to make a pair of Monkey socks from Knitty for myself & will use a set to keep the pattern organized. And I still have two pairs of promised socks to make . . . .

Have you seen the new Knitty??? I fell in love with VICTORIA! I printed it off immediately when I saw it! And it goes up to a 60" bust! I don't ha
ve turquoise yarn but I DO have Magenta Dalesman wool & a lovely Eton wool in a soft, slightly faded, blue. And, come to think of it, I also have a whole lot of Briggs & Little in the Anniversary Blue colorway reminiscent of faded blue jeans - both blue yarns were bought with He, who will not be mentioned, in mind but have become MINE by default! In the end, it doesn't matter which yarn I use, I love this sweater & intend to make it for myself.

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