Saturday, July 31, 2010

Skeins, Skeins Everywhere

I finally wound off the yarn on my Indian Spinner. Although I didn't finish the bag of "lumps" I intended to spin for the Tour de Fleece, I did spin a respectable amount of yarn. I finally wound it off this morning & got 5 skeins of approximately 500 yards each. That's 2500 yards of fingering w
eight yarn! I have two or three larger skeins of the same stuff tucked in a basket and half a Safeway shopping bag of lumps yet to spin. I'm not absolutely sure but I think I have at least a full bobbin's worth yet to spin!

I'm rather surprised at how much is still in that bag! I have to spin it all up before I dye it so it's at least 'related' before I use it. I have too many odd skeins from dye experiments that won't work together unless I crochet them into Granny Squares! Remember these??? These were some of the sample skeins I dyed while experimenting with the set of Dyer's & Printer's primary colors I bought. I had a lot of fun but I ended up with a whole basket of skeins that had no relationship to each other other than being the same fibre. That's why I intend to spin up ALL the knots before I dye them. And, of course, I have that project in mind.

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