Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Tour de Fleece

I really wanted to join the Tour de Fleece this year & almost missed the start yesterday! I'm still coughing up half a lung & need an afternoon nap but I think I can stand to spin a little every day, just for the exercise. All those Brown Sheep Lumps I've been meaning to finish spinning remain in the basket! I will finish spinning them over the next three weeks! I have a project in mind & intend
to work on it this fall . . .

Remember that big bag of Brown Sheep Mill Ends??? Yeah, it was a long time ago - at least three years. I split it with my pal Gail - I wonder if she ever finished spinning hers??? Haven't heard. But, I intend to finish spinning mine. I started with the knots or lumps of wool. My intention is to spin a lump every day before I
work on any other project. I've already spun up several lumps & had a whole huge bobbin of it on my Spinner before I started. The spinner was bare - well except for some pink superwash sock roving - last night before I spun a medium lump. I sat outside on the patio with my Jungle all around me - I turned my small carport into a covered patio with plants growing everywhere - and sipped a large hot NeoCitran with extra honey & lime while I spun. Four big fat skeins sit in the big basket I take to my spinning retreats & I hope to have a half dozen more in there by the end of the three weeks.

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