Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Tour de Fleece

If I was actually in the Tour de France, you could say I fell off my bike about half way into the race. Oh, I started off with good intentions. And I was enjoying spinning in the cool mornings or evenings on the patio amidst the vines & flowers. I confess to plugging in the headset & swaying along with a mixed bag of country tunes one evening which caused the strolling neighbors to stop at the end of my drive & gawk. I just know they thought the Goree (white female devil in Punjabi) had finally lost her mind!! But - they also tend to gawk & whisper to each other when I'm thwacking wet skeins against the posts on the patio too. Let em gawk - time they saw an old time Canadian hobby, I say!! But, I digress . . . I fell off my bike.

I had good intentions. I dug out ALL THOSE BUMPS of wool, put em in a green Safeway shopping bag & really tried to spin them all up. But, two clients had to have year ends done NOW. We're talking almost three years behind but they need at least TWO done NOW. And then my part time - two day a week job with benefits - has become FOUR or FIVE days a week in an office with no air conditioning. Not a problem till 3:10 in the afternoon but not a happy place when it hits 90+ degrees! And my thumb is still sore - especially when I have to write all day in the office. Spinning became a luxury! I haven't had any time off to do it! I know, I know! Whining doesn't get the job done! Here's a shot of the bobbin on the final day of the race. Oh, did I mention this is a HUGE bobbin ?? It probably holds a pound of spun yarn when it's full.

I still intend to finish spinning those bumps but I guess it will be much slower than I expected. The worst job is winding all that yarn off onto the niddynoddy!!!! And, today, I finally got a day off from Langley to work in my home office.
Tonight, I will pour a big glass of wine, turn on my headset, tune in a murder & spin until the mozzies drive me in for the evening!

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