Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ya Just Gotta Laugh

Last week I tried to get to knitting with the girls & made it to the parking lot after work with my dinner-in-a-box. Just as I was finishing dinner, I got an emergency call & ran off to rescue a friend with a baby locked in the car. She & the mother of the baby do NOT like each other much & it's nothing short of a miracle when said grandchild is ALLOWED out with Granny for an hour or two! So, when the kid got locked in the car, well, no one was gonna tell MOM. Granny has spare keys to the car - in the locked house & spare keys to the house - in the purse which is locked in the car with the baby who is happily playing with Granny's car keys with the automatic door fob. I just happen to have a spare key to the house - sometimes I cuddle with the pooch when Granny goes off for the weekend. Pooch has a doggie door, fenced yard & an automatic food dispenser at his beck & call but needs some cuddling when his Human's away!! Luck was with us last Wednesday, I showed up with the key before the daughter-in-law showed up to claim the kid! And nobody knows but us!!

Just a little shot of my Jungle-in-progress. The big Cedar planter has SIX kinds of ferns in it which die back in the winter & pop up again in the spring. While taking out the garbage, I spotted a couple of fronds peeking out from the moss along the north side of the house. I dug them up & transplanted them to my planter where they seem to be doing just fine. I've seen them before in mossy areas of the local woods. They actually grow up the tree trunks in the moss by sending out runners like strawberries!

On Wednesdays, I work for a Motorcycle School. Action used to be one of TWO in the Lower Mainland, but now, they're popping up all over the place like Magic Mushrooms! One of my last sales of the day was to two best buds who were actually sitting in the Competition's office about 20 miles away when they called me for information. Apparently when they went to sign up, the office person was yakking on the phone. They said they quietly sat there for 34 minutes without even being greeted before calling me. The office person, who still hadn't acknowledged them, was still on the phone when they left to drive all the way to North Langley to see me. And they brought cash!! I just don't know how some people stay in business! Must be a full moon out there . . .

I've finished the wild socks for my buddy Bryan at the Motorcycle School! He wants to wear them in his sneakers when he works in the parking lot this year!
I've also cast on the remainder of the Regia Saturn to make socks for ME. I've used my usual In-my-head pattern of 68 sts, top down, 3" K2,P2 ribbing but decided to do something just a little different this time. On the right front quarter, I've done ( YO, K2tog) 6 times to produce a simple lace pattern. I'll hopefully, do the same on the left front quarter of the other sock to match. I've lost count but I think the Saturn Socks2 will be Pair Number 8 or 9 so far this year . . . . I know it doesn't sound like a lot of socks but hell, Tax Season got in the way & nothing else is finished!! One thing about Retirement - if I can ever afford it - I'll be able to knit & spin a whole lot more!

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