Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dilly Dallying Around

I bought an upside down tomato planter. I have friends who swear they're the greatest thing since raised beds!! Now, I like the Raised Bed gardening system myself - no bending, fewer weeds, the soil warms up sooner, no bending, no grass to cut when you put it where the lawn used to be & the plants seem to produce better! I like it even better when a trellis system is added to the raised bed so things like cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans & squashes can grow up instead of on the ground where they're attacked by slugs, bugs & passing feet. So, growing things upside down kinda makes sense. My mother used to pull all the tomato plants - with green tomatoes still attached - out of the garden just before the first frost & hang them upside down from the basement beams. They would ripen slowly & taste absolutely incredible. So the Upside Down planter appealed to me.
Problem was, I didn't put my tomato plants into it till this morning. I put a Beefsteak & a Tiny Tim in there together. I hope they enjoy the experience & reward me
I have a Patio Favorite in the top of my Strawberry Pot with two Everbearing strawberry plants. The strawberries are survivors from the Invasion of the Hen & Chicks. Silly me. I planted ONE chick in the OLD strawberry pot. It reproduced & took over . . .

My Jungle isn't quite sure what season it is. The Ferns are putting out new fronds daily. The strawberries have tripled in size in the last two weeks & are just starting to flower. The early blooming Clematis is only now bursting into bloom - it usually blooms in late March or early April - the first bud opened only this morning - while the Easter Cactus is now bursting into bloom & the Christmas Cactus is setting buds!

On the Knitting Front - Still knitting cuffs for the adopted child. Added a couple more in plain ribbing with a LOOSE cast off so it kind of flares at one end for a slightly different look. Most of the Merino Odd Balls I have knit to a worsted gauge so lace is not an option when working on 32 - 36 sts. Seed stitch, ribbing, simple YO, K2tog are okay as are twisted stitches & cables but since I don't have the wrists in front of me, it's not easy to do cables to fit. But I think she'll be happy with a wardrobe of different colors in simple patterns. If I get into Arm Warmers - well, that's a whole other story!!

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