Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm glad I'm not a Hockey Fan

I'm glad I'm not a Hockey Fan
because, today, I'd be devastated by the ruination of Vancouver's downtown core by mindless Idiots who call themselves 'FANS'. I'd be ashamed & embarrassed by the U Tube clips going viral on the Internet. And I'd be wondering why the 'fans' of the losing team have to destroy their own city in protest. Isn't there something written about not shitting in your own nest?? Even a Pig knows better . . .

As a non-fan I propose
we track down all the Offenders & prosecute with every tool in our judicial toolbox. Dress them in orange jumpsuits with 'rioter' on the back & make them WORK off their debt - sweep the streets by hand, pick up garbage in the parks & on the beaches - expose them to Public scorn. All those with pictures & movies of the 'event' - turn them over to the Police, News & show them to all your friends. Let's identify the criminals who spoil all the good things in this city.
They make the streets dangerous. These are the people who take away all the public festivals & celebrations. The Sea Festival & the Sand Castle competition come to mind. Don't let them get away with this behavior. You rise up in anger against the HST - how 'bout some of that anger directed towards the ignorant, mindless, violence perpetuated by rioters & looters in the streets. Or will you wait until the Playoffs are no longer held in our city?

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