Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What is Blogspot Doing???

I've been having a terrible time accessing my Blog!! I don't know what Blogspot is doing but they better fix it before I go somewhere else!!

I joined the Tour de Fleece on
Ravelry. I'm in Team Canada - CrankyPants which seems to epitomize my attitude about the world these days . . . My project will be to spin up THREE bags of PAUA from Aurelia Wool & Weaving. I just love the colors in Paua & will, hopefully, be able to keep them separated enough to get runs of one color or another as well as some blending to keep it interesting. I intend to knit up a nice big shrug using the Lion Brand pattern I found & talked about in the last blog. It's just a simple big rectangle folded in half with a short seam closing about a foot or so from each end, leaving the middle open. I could pick up the end & knit a loose ribbed cuff or crochet around the entire thing just to give it a 'finished' look as well. I suspect I'll do the ribbing. But first, I have to spin the fibre!! And, I'm actually really looking forward to spinning every day - the patio is bursting with color & it's wonderful out there in the mornings & evenings with a recorded book & a cup of tea . . . Hell, it's even better out there at midnight with a bottle or two of English Cider!!

So, what have I been working on lately?? Summer socks! I have to wear my support sneakers - yeah, I still pronate - roll inwards - & I still need a 10cm minimum heel - and I just can't wear them
without a sock!!! Those cotton footlets keep my feet wet all the time so I knit short wool socks to keep the old dogs comfy. Apparently, I also give most of them away since I only have 4 short pairs in the basket!! Just finished another in the remains of the Regia - Saturn colorway that I used for Bryan's birthday socks. I think I almost have enough to knit another pair of short socks - which are already cast on the needles - they will get blue or black toes if I fall short. Was rooting in the sock wool basket & found a lot of odd balls - don't even ask why - I normally buy in twos for most socks or threes if I'm knitting Ex socks so I have no idea why I have WHOLE 50gm BALLS of one color. But, one ball will make MOST of a pair of short socks & a solid color can finish them off. I found an interesting ball with short runs of celery, pink, grey & black in it. Bit wishy washy right now but I'm sure it will work with grey, pink, black or green toes to brighten it up. Fun to make socks like that!! Not sure if it will become summer socks or baby socks at the moment - have to see.

The city is constantly digging up & rearranging the roads around here & my favorite Truck Stop Cafe has been in the middle of a Road project for the last month. I never know from one day to another just HOW to get there. Since I haven't been there for over a week, I called to see if I have to go around the ROAD CLOSED sign & con the Flag Girls this week or if they finally opened the BACK DOOR. The Builders, in their wisdom, decided to build a back road around the Industrial Park to divert traffic from the main road while they worked on it. Since the Main Road will no longer allow access to any of the existing businesses, they had to build a Frontage Road in the rear so that the businesses could operate. It turned out to be another SNAFU the friday before last. The detour was almost completed & even paved before someone said, heh - how do we get into the Industrial Park. Not only did the public have no access, the folks at work in the Park couldn't get out & the work crew couldn't get into the Cafe for lunch. They bulldozed a temporary driveway through the existing road, ditch & curb for lunch that day . . . .

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