Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eyes Close When I Sit Down

Lately, I've been having this problem. When I sit down, my eyes close! I'm tired all the damn time. Not that I'm doing much physical activity that isn't normal or anything, but I could quite happily spend every afternoon snoozing. Some days, if I get up early, go shopping, haul the recycling & clean up right away, I could go back to bed by noon. I want a nap when I get home from work instead of dinner. Old Age??? I'm not thinking so. Maybe this is why people retire???

In the meantime, I managed to finish the Regia socks. One more pair of winter socks!!! I've had to weed out a few pairs as they all got really thin at the same time, so new socks in the basket will be nice when the weather gets cold. Have you noticed we need a sweater outside most evenings lately???

Karen gave me three balls of my favorite Kroy yarn so I've cast on for another thick sock. I've gone back to my favorite bamboo skewer DPs for my latest Kroy socks. I can knit faster & see more of my TV show when I used them for socks. There's no rough joint to pick stuck stitches from on every round for one thing although I do miss those lovely pointed ends! My Kroy is a jacquard patterned yarn which knits up this lovely dense pattern in a slightly thicker yarn than the Regia.  I really like the Kroy socks when it's really cold outside because my basement floor is cement with tiles glued on top. Not much heat there when the temp dips low - lovely in the summer though when you don't need socks!!

Four trips to the Mail Box has told me my course will come to me all on-line. I do like a physical book to scribble up & a physical course to follow too - quite old fashioned of me, I know, but either way you have to haul something with the course material on it around with you! This way I have to haul a laptop. Would've preferred a paper outline with the questions & material to cover. Not liking that a whole lot. Now to fit the work on my desk, the course & work on the desk at work into my schedule where I want to sleep all the time. Interesting.

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