Sunday, September 01, 2013

And the Kids are back to School, yeah!

Not much that's Fall like out there today or yesterday! The Sun is out & Summer's made a fine return. I love this time of year when it's still warm & lovely during the day but crisp & cool in the evening - wish we could get a couple of months of this weather before the rain sets in. All the kids are safely behind walls & you can finally shop or just sit at Starbucks with a tea & read in peace & quiet. I love September.

Meanwhile, back at Home - the doctor thinks I may have walking pneumonia. No wonder I'm so tired! 'Course, that explains the coughing fits - the last two bought up toenails!! I swear! And the constant fatigue. Seems I have Silent Reflux, big time. And filling my lungs with stomach contents at night when I sleep. So I'm back on another little pill with fewer side effects than Nexium. It also costs less than half!! After a couple of days on the pill, I felt so much better I couldn't believe it. And that kind of confirmed the diagnosis. In fact, I feel so much better that I have to pace myself so that I don't overdo & 'Hit the Wall' so to speak. A couple of times, I've just broken out in a sweat & had to STOP. NOW. And go to bed for a nap. But things are getting better. Being sick all the time really depressed me but now that I know what it is & what I have to do, my head is back to normal as well.

Now that Normal is back, I've been producing socks like mad. Winter is not too far off really, so I've been replacing all the thin socks in my basket with nice thick Kroy socks. Here's two of the three pairs I've completed in the last month & the new pair that are a little farther along than this picture shows but not quite finished. I wanted to finish as many as possible this summer because  I've even got a couple of sweaters on the go that I intend to finish this year too.

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