Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where Did the Last Two Weeks Go?

I don't know where the time goes anymore although I suspect it slips away like a sneak thief when we aren't looking. Napping takes up time. So does commuting. And reading text books when you should be knitting takes up a lot of time especially when you can't remember what the hell you read the day before & have to do it again.

I am plodding through my course. Plodding being the operative word. The Tutor finally sent me an email to ask if I was still IN the course. I had to confess that I spent three weeks checking the mail for the portion I thought was missing. I opted for the On-Line edition of this course figuring I'd still get a work book or something to tell me WHAT to study & in what order. I'm a DumbAss Newby apparently. I eventually found the workbook on-line in something called 'Blackboard' which is the new University standard teaching method for all e-courses. I'm soooooo glad I opted for the physical textbook because I need something to scribble in!!! Anyhooo - Blackboard posts assignments, exams, quizzes, chats, other student's comments & monitors the TIME you spend on-line! Ouch. So, I'm plodding along as I said, checking into the 'classroom' & doing my best. And even beginning to like this way of doing things, I just have to get used to it!!  I've done all kinds of Open University courses over the years but it's been lonely because other than the Tutor, you never talk to anyone in the actual course. This 'blackboard' has real potential. Too bad I'm doing a 399 level course with on-going registration. Seems we get a new student every two or three months .  .  .

I'm also plodding along with my socks. I go to work & come home debating nap or dinner. Nap often wins. By the time I eat, it's bed time again. But, I've turned both heels on the latest Kroy socks - the one with Pink in them - I'm sure I was a Princess in one of my previous lives because I love anything Pink, Purple or Red. Quit laughing. I also love silver - not gold so much although I love the rusticness of small gold nugget rings, cuffs & earrings but silver with pink or turquoise stones really turns me on!! Stop dreaming Sharon!! I'd love a matching set of silver filigree cuffs .  .  .  . 

This time of year forces me to knit.And spin. Next month is Touque Month so this month, I have to finish a sweater for me. I have one half finished hanging on the Office door on a hanger. I hung it there to remind myself it must be finished. I love it. It's light & warm & comfy. And handspun by me. But,fickle broad that I am, I have a new love or two. I found the WIDE JACKET by Bergere of France - a lovely side to side simple stitch on large needles. It calls for a rustic yarn in thick & thin. Just a simple rectangle with a shawl collar picked up & knit after. It looks like they used a popcorn or blackberry stitch - the purl 3 in one stitch on WS & knit 3 together on RS - so dear to the hearts of Aran Sweater knitters. There's no actual sleeve, just a cuff, but the sides are so wide that the cuff falls just about the elbow. I can't see why you couldn't extend the opening just a tad before the cuff if necessary. I figure it's just a bit of knitted fluff to get through the late Summer/early Fall evenings or to cuddle into over your pjs in the mornings. Probably takes a few evenings to finish.
And then there's AGATA at Oh my. Agata caught my eye & I was done. It takes yarn with long runs of color - the only one I can think of is that NORO which is kind of scratchy. But, isn't it gorgeous??? It just screams for handspun. I have a lot of stuff spun up with purple & even some magenta in it .  .  .  a skein is a long run of color, don't you think??

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