Monday, September 30, 2013

It Used To Be So Easy

It used to be so easy keeping up with a Blog. That was before I stumbled into a full time job along with the small business bookkeeping & tax returns I do to support myself, before the job. And then try to take on a third year University course after 10 years of not, well, something has to give. Lucky for me, the job will probably end a month sooner than last year due to the awful weather we've been having. Money will be tighter sooner but maybe I'll have time to do all the stuff that's left over from last year!!!  
And the course. I have found to my surprise that it ain't as easy as it used to be - don't tell me Estrogen controlls brain function tooooo??? - but maybe that's just because I haven't done one in eons. E-Courses take a lot more time on the computer & a lot more reading.

This all cuts into my knitting time. And listening time. I bought the latest Sue Grafton audio book - W is for Wasted - and I'm still trying to find the time to listen to part 2!  I also bought the latest Kathy Reichs book too - both are favorite authors which makes the data entry go faster when I'm chained to my office at home. With all the rain out there these days, sometimes I wish I were still chained to it. Saturday, the rain was coming down sideways in huge gusts at the school. Luckily, there was no afternoon class or it would've been cancelled due to the high winds. The office shack is on a platform 7 steps in the air - flood zone thing - & rocked with every huge gust. I got lucky myself around 5 and managed to get out, get the fence closed & locked & get in my car in a calm spot before the next battering started!! It became a drive-thru chicken evening because I was NOT going to get out of my dry car & run through the rain at Safeway .  .  .

All this explanation does not mean I haven't done anything. I did finish that last pair of socks & start a new pair. Boy, I can tell I'm not working with Kroy anymore. I knit 3 pairs in a row in Kroy on my 2.5mm bamboo skewers which made a pretty skookum pair of socks. Thick & comfy. This Phildar yarn I'm using now is being knitted on 2.25mm circs & I feel like I should go down to a 2.0mm. Very thin yarn but feels okay when knit. It should fluff a little when wet the first time. Just not Kroy, that's for sure.

I had to dig out my old sweater since it's become quite chilly in the evenings - time to get that furnace filter I guess, cause we'll be turning on the heat soon!! But, as I said, I had to dig out the old sweater & I'm thinking I'll be needing one everywhere soon. What I really need is a hoodie for outside & a big simple wrap inside. I've really been eyeballing that loose, open WIDE Jacket - it's actually billed as a summer jacket - but I think it would do nicely as a comfy wrappy house sweater. It's actually a big rectangle that goes around the body with the ends open down the front with a big wrap collar that extends down the front. The sleeve is just a cuff that falls around the elbow. I see no reason why the cuffs couldn't be extended a little. I think it would look great in handspun & shouldn't take much time to knit. I may die of boredom knitting a huge rectangle of popcorn stitch but I think it will be big & loose & snuggly enough for curling up on the couch this winter .  .  .  .

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Louisa said...

I admire you taking a college course. Personally I can't bear being told what to study!

I always knit socks on 2mm unless the yarn is the thicker 6-ply stuff. I really like tight stitches that wear longer.

We drove all the way home from Lake Chelan, WA, in Saturday's big storm - though luckily we missed the worst of it until we hit the Fraser Bridge. It was something, all right! And we've already wimped out and turned up the furnace. No point in freezing if you don't have to, right?