Friday, January 03, 2014

Nothing like a little Sunburn

Today I woke to glorious sunshine & managed to haul three containers of garbage out to the cans all by myself. I hear you all laughing. This is the first time since I tore the cartilage in my right knee that I've been able to get there on my own. I have to walk around the house, through uncut grass & hidden potholes to get there so today's adventure is no mean feat. It now means I can do this job myself instead of waiting for someone else to do it. It also means I can also clean out the fridge which died some time in the last couple of days. If it isn't one bloody thing, it's another.

I took myself down to Starbucks around noon & sat outside in my shirt sleeves & read the paper while I baked in the sunshine. Most people - except the smokers - stayed inside with their coffees. I laughed out loud & soaked up every stray ray I could absorb for two whole hours. Yeah baby, this is what Vancouver's all about. It might rain most of the winter, spring & fall but when the sun shines, it's really glorious. The only thing wrong with today was no knitting.

But, I have been knitting at home. My Wonderful Wallaby is coming right along. I decided to use a seed stitch border instead of ribbing on the bottom. I also built in a side vent, 8" deep on either side. And I left off the pouch which would just bring more attention to my post menopausal belly. Several short rows were also built in to give my belly a little more room & help the hem to fall where it should.


Louisa said...

Sorry to hear about your fridge. You've had more than your share of bad luck, haven't you? But glad your poor knee is feeling a little better!

Hope you didn't really get sunburned. We too went out in the sun - walkies down to Granville Island and sushi on the way home. Such a lovely day!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I even walked 400 more steps than usual yesterday!! Today, I'm cleaning out the sideXside. I've found bags & bags of whole grains!! And I'm just tossing all the old stuff in there. Gotta find a new fridge pronto.