Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back Again

There's a couple of Blogs that I follow with regularity. Oh, I don't check them daily but I do pop in at least a couple of times a week just to see what they're working on or to check on an on-going project. I really hate bloggers that get you all excited & then disappear for weeks or months. And here I am, joining their ranks .  .  .  .  I can't believe how fast the days go when you have no fixed schedule.

It seems like I've been cleaning out this damned dead fridge for weeks. The apartment was almost empty when it came in & now it's filled to the brim. Not only do I have to move it but I have to move half the kitchen & living room to get it OUT. My knee is being bossy about all this extra exercise and wobbles. And aches. And then there's ALL that work I have to do sitting in boxes in my office  .  .  .  What's a person to do??  Why, KNIT of course.

My Dental Assistant wants Pink socks for her size 12 feet. She's the only person other than the male Dentist in the office who can work on me with metal tools. I get galvanic shocks from everyone else in the office when they touch my teeth. It's a mystery & it's painful. The female Dentist gets annoyed. My theory is that it's the nylon in their undies & panty hose that builds up the static electricity - like you scuffing your feet on carpet before touching the dog's nose - which zaps me when they touch me. Every time they touch me. I'm sensitive to that electricity. The freezer doors at Safeway zap me. My front door knob zaps me. Sometimes my car zaps me. But, Lara wears cotton undies & rubber soled shoes so we can react nicely. She deserves socks just for that. But she's also a nice girl & I try to give her a pair every year. This year I asked what color she wanted, she said PINK. Great, the one color I don't have!! And that's why I'm knitting Frankensocks in all the leftover yarns that have pink in them. I'm just starting to turn the heel on the first sock.

I've been working on my sweater. I'm using Briggs & Little Heritage for this one. It started out to be a Wonderful Wallaby but they're knit from the bottom up which is tough to fit on my body. I decided to work it top down using the Cabin Fever book - Need an Ample Cardigan? - instead. I didn't plan to put a hood or pouch on it but I wanted the 'hoodie' shape. I'm using Peacock
blue for the yoke & the Anniversary Twist for the body.

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