Monday, February 03, 2014

Where Did January Go??

I was doing something on the computer yesterday & found out it was FebruaryWhat happened to January??

I've been busy. Busy working on my course. Busy doing data entry on late year ends & late tax returns. I even filed my own late return, haha. And I've been choosing my projects for the Ravelenics. This was the knitting/crochet version of the Olympics until the IOC sent a letter to Ravelry telling us we couldn't use the Olympic name. The event was renamed & we'll cast-on during the Opening Ceremonies & lay our projects down during the Closing. We challenge ourselves with techniques, projects, unfamiliar materials etc. Team Canada - my team - has been planning to Cast-on as a group, with Canadian Cider - we keep on discussing flavors that most of us haven't tried - and whatever project each of us have chosen for the duration. It's beginning to look like most of us should be doing the W.I.P. (Work in Progress) Dancing category since we have so many on the go .  .  .  and I can be counted among them. I don't even want to think about most of them but there is that afghan I started about 5 years ago for the BoyToy that remains in the bin, unfinished, unwanted & unloved. I should probably frog it but I've often thought about just adding a fat RED stripe to it's blue & grey sameness.

One of my clients asked if I'd knit sweaters for his two little boys a while ago. They're almost two & almost three. After digging through my stash for something machine washable & dryable for the little guys, I found an odd collection of balls in navy, black, two shades of yellow & one variegated blue. They're 100 gm balls of worsted Markoma  Pittsburgh yarn. I thought I'd knit a Wonderful Wallaby with a solid blue body with yellow & blue striped arms for each of them. A perfect project for the Olympic Cast-on. I can knit two of them in less than two weeks! And if I finish, well, maybe I'll finally add that Red stripe to the blue & grey crocheted afghan.

And on my sock needles?? The Pink Dental Frankensocks are on the go. It's amazing how much yarn I have that doesn't contain PINK. I have two small boxes full of leftovers that don't contain Pink. I thought I was a lover of Pink but it seems I have mostly Purple leftovers or Red leftovers or a lot of Blue leftovers but hardly a Pink one. Sigh, so they're taking a little longer than anticipated. Do you know how much Pink you need to cover size 12 ladyfeet???

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