Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All that Snow

I didn't go out on Saturday morning as planned because it was snowing like mad. The Weatherman promised - crossed his heart - that we'd only get flurries which would soon turn to rain. Since this was my first snow since the knee crapped out, I was a little leery about going out when it might be slippery. Well, the Weatherman lied & it kept on snowing & snowing & snowing .  .  .  Not unusual for this time of year but a pain in the ass, just the same when Safeway had milk & eggs & raspberries on sale. Grrrrr

Today I got up to the sound of snow shovels in the alley. One of my friends came over & shoveled my drive, swept the van off & even unclogged the drain. Free again!! Now if someone would come on over & clean my house, I'd be thrilled.

The Wallabies got almost finished for the Ravellenics. I did try my hardest to get them both done but I'm still working on the hood for #2. I did finish it but didn't like the garter stitch hood so I tore it all out & am now doing a stockinet hood instead. #2 Wallaby has been knit twice except for the bottom ribbing which should've been torn out too. But, I am NOT going to do it now. I think the boys will enjoy wearing these & probably need them now. So the hood will get finished tonight & they can go to their new home tomorrow. I think the little boys will love them. It's so much fun knitting for small children.

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Louisa said...

Glad you made out ok in the snow. What lovely friends to shovel you out! It was pretty messy out there. I thought winter had forgotten us but I guess not!