Friday, March 07, 2014

Suddenly it's March

I woke up the other morning & discovered it was March. Working from a Home Office has that effect on you when you don't commute or see people from day to day. Sometimes I don't turn on the radio or television for days because I'm working a job with a lot of data entry & I get lost in audio books instead. This week I've listened to Dana Stabenow's first two books in the Liam Campbell series. Alaska again, but from a white State Trooper's view. Entertaining, still the world of Kate Shugak - I love that series -  but from the Townie perspective instead of the Homesteader. Shhhh, I snuck in a Star Wars novel just for fun, a new Han Solo offshoot called 'Scoundrels' where he's young, single & still dodging Jabba the Hutt. And I just bought a new addition to the "Private" series by James Patterson. Private is where you go when no one else can help you. It's a combination of Detective/Spy/Mission Impossible/security in a chain of establishments that seem to have popped up in all major cities of the world .  .  .  .

As a result, I haven't done a lot of knitting although I finished the Hoodies & sent them on their way. I forgot to take a photo but will ask for one of the two boys in their new hoodies. Apparently they look cute, fit just fine & are already loved by both boys. Not bad for never having seen the boys!!!  Now the big brothers want hoodies too but in solid colors. I don't mind - sewing in all those ends in the striped sleeves was a real pain in the ass.

The Dental Frankensocks are almost finished. Since they've become car knitting, I don't get a lot of time to work on them. But the first one is done & I just have to finish the toe decreases on the second to finish them off .  .  .  .  well, there are all those ends to sew in. But, Pink is definitely the dominant color. I should knit a few more pairs of Frankensocks while I'm at it because the leftovers box grew by 50% when I organized them all & put them in one spot. I'm really not interested in a blanket of any sort so maybe it's time to knit gloves for next winter instead.

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