Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I love Tax Season

Yeah baby, it's Tax Season again!! I like this time of year. I make the annual rounds of all my shut-ins & elderly folks - I've been doing some of their taxes for 30 years - to see what's going on in their lives & letting them know about mine. I really DO enjoy the tax thing. I like the puzzle of it all because an expense is not necessarily what it appears to be, it's what you CALL it that counts. I know I'm a little odd but I truly like the tax stuff. It's the data entry that I'm not really fond of but that's where the bread & butter work is most of the time.  

I like working out of my home office. I've been pounding away till 5 AM most weekends & sleeping in till noon. Not a bad schedule when the weather's bad & you don't want to commute anyway. But as soon as it starts getting light at 5 AM, I'll be sleeping at night & getting up earlier. Now that I'm back in the home office, I can plan on spinning in the early morning all summer this year for a change. I think it's the best time of the day when it's light outside, the hanging baskets are all planted & the birds are raising families. It's the worst time of day when it's dark & cold. According to some mystics, the hours between 3 & 5 AM are  the lowest part of the bodily cycle & the time when the spirit goes wandering. I wonder .  .  .  .  .

 The Chicken project bag above was sewed by a knitting friend named Dotty. I won it in a draw a couple of years ago. Isn't it great??? It's lined with barbed wire fabric & easily holds a sock project.

Meanwhile, in the Chicken bag - I have one sock finished & the next one started in the 4ply Kroy. They've been traveling in my bag lately so I only work on them
while I'm out & about waiting somewhere. They're nothing too spectacular in color but they are thick & warm. They're going to a new home of a commuter who stands at SkyTrain freezing her feet on a daily basis. She won a pair of my hand knit socks in the office draw & has worn them to & from work ever since. I'm taking pity on her frozen feet by supplying a second pair before the first wear out.

There's even an order for new Frankensocks that I want to get out of the way quickly. These ones are to be in Blues. I have a lot of blue leftovers in the box & the bag. And I'm sure there's another damned box around here somewhere but it's buried under something I guess. I have several old yarn end balls
located already & will probably find more as I go  .  .  .  Luckily for me, these socks will be a ladies large so I won't be knitting for weeks on end. I found several different solid colors in the bottom of the box as well. In the olden days, I used to knit men's socks in the wonderful blue & grey speckled Confetti yarns & put solid toes on every pair so that they could be matched up more easily. I had great fun putting wild colored toes on each & every pair. When the owner wore them to work, everyone in the office had to see which color the toes were THIS time around. I just can't stand a plain sock!!!!

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