Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I believe it's just about Spring

While the rest of the country is just starting to thaw, we, on the Wet Coast were wearing shorts on Monday. Today isn't that bad neither. I know for sure about Monday because I was out in it in my heavy sweat pants & wooly socks. It was cold in the morning when I started out but boy, by noon, it was Summer. The kids from the high school were scootin' down the sidewalks everywhere in shorts & light sweaters. People had their tops down & windows open. I was cooking in the sweats but luckily wore a light tee shirt with them. Since my right knee was injured, it just doesn't like to be cold. It creaks & cracks - not only can I hear the noise but I can FEEL it too. Like fingernails on a blackboard, it drives me crazy! So I try to keep it warm so it's less likely to complain. Hence, the sweat pants. Bring on Summer, dammit.

Out on my poor patio - it's a mess. I can't quite bend down far enough to pick up all the trash left by the kids passing through or the dead stuff that needs to be tidied up. I suspect my ferns have mostly died since I couldn't get out to water them last fall.  All my grasses have spread seed into all my flower pots!!! I notice Blue Fescue mixed with Comfrey & Flamingo Grass in with the strawberries. I'll be home this summer so maybe I'll plant a new jungle & string it up in macrame so I can reach it. I'll want a nice cozy spot to spend my time spinning for a change this year since I'll be working from  home all the time.

I have a handmade wooden skein rack to mount on the wall somewhere so I can display all the lovely skeins of 'Art Yarn' I've created in the past. I want an outdoor rack where I can hang the skeins I have yet to dye. My giant, one pound, Indian Spinner bobbin is full of Brown Sheep mill ends spun up into sport weight singles yarn that waits to be wound off into fat skeins. I have a sweater box full of skeins spun on the same machine waiting for dyeing & only a few more egg shaped knots of fibre left to spin out of that 15 pound bag. I had my eye on a Kimono pattern from Knit Kimono that I was spinning it all up for. I wanted to dye all the skeins at the same time so they'll at least be related enough to work together. Now that I'm not working full time, I should have the time. I also fell in love with ZEN Squared which deserves to be knit in hand spun if I can get my butt in gear. I have a whole light grey fleece in a bag that would make a wonderful sweater .  .  .  . 
What is it about sunshine that makes you line up 10 years worth of work to do in one summer???

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