Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's my goddam birthday

Got up this morning bright and early and decided if it was my goddam birthday, I was going out for a goddam breakfast! Boy, were they surprised in my favorite coffee shop when I trotted in. I'm more the 'last customer who  orders the same chicken sandwich, reads the paper till an hour after they close and rings in my own bill on the debit card machine' person they know and love. They make Broccoli Cheeze soup every Friday because they KNOW  I'll be there for it. But today's my goddam birthday and I'll make the goddam rules. What is it about birthdays anyway?? I mean, it's just another day in your life until wham, you can give consent and sign contracts today?? One day you can't drink legally but the next you can? It's like when you used to turn 65 and suddenly - after you eat the cake - you aren't part of the workforce anymore . Yesterday, you were just a grunt with a paycheck and now, BOOM, you're gone. I suppose I'll just be happy instead - Starbucks gave me a free Skinny Caramel Latte for my goddam birthday.

The Blue Frankensocks are riding in the car these days so there's not too much progress to announce. So far, no one's sat on any of the needles and I've turned one heel. They're gonna be mostly blue. That first sock was looking a little dull and I just couldn't help myself, I gave it just a very teeny, tiny, hot pink stripe. Pictures next time. 

The biggest accomplishment this week is my OddBall Sweater. I had this giant Zip-Lock bag of odd balls standing in the corner of my living room. They were all the stuff deemed un-useable for charity hats because they have to be hand washed. No one out there on the street or in single rooms in old hotels hand washes much laundry. IF you have a sink in your room with running water to wash things and a radiator to dry things, you're lucky. Most people go to the Drop-in centre for showers and laundry so acrylic is the yarn most desired. The Zip-Lock bag has passed some yarn on to other people but over half of it
sat there. Most of it wool with alpaca in it but sadly, none of it machine washable. There were a couple of skeins that I loved but not enough of anything to make much. But, while sorting through it once more last weekend, I had a flash of inspiration. How about a top-down, odd ball cardi??? Something to wear in my office to keep warm or to throw on for a Starbucks run??? And get that lovely expensive yarn USED for something. Got out my Denise needles and my Cabin Fever book 'Need an Ample Cardigan?' and waded in .  .  .  .

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Louisa said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Sharon! Sounds like you had a good one. Of course these days, ANY birthday is a good one, right? ;)