Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It appears that I've now recovered from the shock of my 63rd birthday and have become normal - for me - once again. I was quite annoyed by the whole event since it meant another year had passed without anything significant happening in my life. Well, except for interesting injuries and the loss of the job I had hoped would slide me into retirement .  .  .  .  I guess we can't have everything.

It was also knitting night with the girls on my birthday so I got to spend my cranky evening with the girls who cheered my up totally. And my pal Gail - has a mind like a steel trap for important dates & things we love - presented me with a bag full of hand-painted roving to go with last month's Roving of the Month. I got both of last month's rovings because they suited me - she's a Fall sort who loves blues, greens, brown & rust & got both October rovings in fall colors. So I've ended up with three related rovings in Easter Egg colors!!! The middle fat one is the birthday roving. So, now I get to figure out what they want to become. I like to spin singles yarns. Most of my singles are loosely spun as well so they don't bias as you knit.  People tell me I spin backwards - so when I knit, I tighten up those loose singles just a little more. So I know it will be spun in soft singles but what weight?? I'm not the shawl type - I could NOT see myself in an Easter Egg colored shawl anyway!!! LOL  L-o-n-g fingerless lace mitts would be terrific, something above the elbow, oh yes, yes, yes! But would they be practical?? No, no, no! The roving is too soft for socks & I have enough socks. That's what Lincoln & Coopworth are for. I wonder if there's enough for a light lacy bed jacket???  Or one of those cowls that fit over the shoulders like my pattern for Reds, Rounds & Ridges????? Decisions, decisions .  .  .  .

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Louisa said...

A cowl would be lovely in those colours!