Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I've surfaced from under the mountain of paper on my desk, in my office, under my keyboard & in front of my monitor. This is my favorite time of the year but also my worst time of the year. I eat take-out. I long for salads & anything green until I find the next bag of Sour Gummies under the paper .  .  .  .  I drink incessant cups of milky overheated tea & wonder what day it is. Tis the time of year when I stumble to my bed for a nap because I'm falling asleep at the keyboard & can't remember if it's still today or tomorrow morning when I wake up. Sometimes I just go down for a teeny tiny nap - just for an hour - & wake up tomorrow. It's sad but true, I'm just another Tax Mole. We're like Programmers in a way, we get our Mojo all fired up & we just can't stop until someone unplugs the computer or we're forced to take a bathroom break. I walked 681 steps yesterday - all between my keyboard, the tea machine & the bathroom!!! We eat anything that falls on our keyboards. And my 64 oz Big Bubba mug is always full of tea. Never mind, there's May & June to relax & plant the garden .  .  . 

But, I digress, I DO come up for air to watch my favorite British tv shows on Knowledge or PBS. At 8:00 every evening my alarm rings & I migrate to the tube to watch the Midwives, Heartbeat or New Tricks which I love. I stay for A Touch of Frost, the Bletchley Circle, Midsommer Murders & several other series. And while I'm catching up with my favorites, I've been knitting. Yeah, still working on that Odd Ball sweater. I almost frogged a large portion of it - should've carried on with the darker balls & gradually introduced the lighter ones - but, I knew if I did, I wouldn't finish it. It's only to keep warm in my office after all so I guess it won't matter much. I just think it might've looked better without the big light space in the middle of the front.
As you can see, I think it would've looked nicer with the darker yarns slowly lightening up or the sleeves being lighter with small stripes of color but, hey, it's done now & I don't really want to tear it out. The colors are browner in real life - I'm not much of a picture taker, that's for sure, but you get the gist of the problem. The yarn is soooo soft & nice. My only wish is that it was in colors that really suit me but, this is what I had in the bag so this is what I used to knit the sweater. It's going to be an office sweater to keep me warm on those cool days when the landlord tries to save a buck by turning down the furnace during the day when everyone but me is out. I got a heater for my office but it blows the fuse in the box which is not in my suite so sweaters are the way to go.

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Louisa said...

I like it so far! Hopefully tax season is over soon.