Tuesday, May 06, 2014

All over but the tears .  .  .  .  another year, another tax season finished. This one was so busy I can't believe it. Having the Tax Man's computer down for a week was great but OMG, the last three days have been hell. Thank you to Ron, who showed up yesterday with his tax stuff, two bags of salad & two loaves of Cobbs bread otherwise I don't know what I would've eaten!!!! And my ex-boss who also showed up with THREE tax returns that needed doing who offered to make a run to Timmies for me .  .  .  bribes help. I made the final run to Revenue Canada's Big Blue Box last night around 11:30 with the ones that I couldn't efile.  Holy Crap. It's over.  I won't even think about the late ones & the small business returns that dribble in over the next three months .  .  .   The Sheep?? Oh just look at that cute wooly face .  .  .  .

So, I haven't done much of anything crafty. Thought about summer socks a lot though. I'd love to wear thongs & sandals all summer but I pronate big time which means I'm stuck in my orthopedic sneakers most of the time. And if you're in sneakers, well, you have to wear socks!! I could wear those little bitty cotton ones but they keep my feet wet all summer. It's what cotton does - keeps moisture next to your body to keep you cool. So it has to be wool or silk.

I have lots of yarn to make short, summer socks. I was thinking about all the single balls of crazy patterned Confetti I have laying about. And all the solid shades for heels & toes as well. Confetti has great yardage & there should be no problem getting a pair of short socks out of one ball but I could put a solid colored toe on them for insurance. 
Summer socks are also a good way to use up all the leftovers too - if you're gonna wear socks all summer, let them be Frankensocks!!
Or, I could knit some of the lace patterns into my summer socks to make them special.


Louisa said...

Can't imagine what it's like doing everybody else's taxes! And I let the DH do ours. Heh. Glad you survived!

I never saw a need for short socks until I knit some last year. Toe-up even! I am a convert now.

Linda said...

I wear socks about 10 months out of the year & switch to very light weight cotton socks the other two months when I switch to canvas Keds.

I've never been successful knitting short socks I was happy with.

I never wear sandals.