Sunday, May 11, 2014

Socks & Goopy Ears

I've been a hellova mess the past few days with a nasty ear infection. Isn't it crazy, since I've been a kid, my right ear is the one that gives me all the problems. And it's the one that hears the best. It's the one that's sensitive to nickel & reacts within minutes, it's the one that itches when I'm allergic, it's the one that seizes up if I have a cold & the one that developed eczema. The itch drives me nutz. So, of course, my fingers are dirty from all this paper at tax time, I scratch & scratch without even being aware & BOOM. My ear blows up. This time part of my face & throat joined in. Sigh. Spent a couple of days in bed with a good book on my Kobo & the hot grain bag under my face & ear. I read 5 books, slept a lot, the swelling has come down & my ear is safely draining. No knitting got done. But I thought about it a lot .  .  .  .  I should be grateful I guess. This year I didn't come down with the scourge of papershufflers everywhere, Pink Eye.

I did play a little with different ways to start a sock from my Cast On Bind Off book by Leslie Ann Bestor. I thought the picot cast on would be fun on a pair of summer socks. It's okaaaaay but no matter what I did, it rolled & flopped. I guess I need more practice. Not the kind of start I want on my summer socks! Maybe I'll try a lace pattern .  .  .

Now, when I make summer socks, I make them the same as winter socks only shorter & use lighter weight yarns!! Mostly, I make them just above the ankle bone so they not only cover the foot in the sneaker but also cushion the ankle from the opening of the shoe. You also don't get sand or dirt in your socks when you walk on loose material.

I also hate socks that slide into your shoes when you walk so I make the same nice, deep heel with the same cushioning on the back & under the heel. If you have to wear socks, they might as well be comfy. Right???

Although I'm sure barefoot is better, most of the summer I flop around the house & patio in my ancient thongs that I'm not supposed to wear. LOL


Linda said...

Sorry about your goopy ears. Sounds very uncomfortable. I think I need to try some of your short summer socks.

Sharon in Surrey said...

I think you'll find they're very comfortable as long as you make the heel DEEP enough. And the ear is much better today, just itchy. I've really & truly used it as an excuse to lay about & read for the last couple of days!!!!

Louisa said...

I'm sure you needed the R&R time! I never knew you could get infections from paper. Glad it's getting better.

I've followed your lead on the summer socks and made several pairs last year. It was great practice for learning a toe-up heel-flap pattern.