Friday, May 16, 2014

Frankensocks & Itchy Ears

The Goopy ear is all better - more or less - but now Itchy Ear season is upon us. You know those gorgeous flowering ornamental fruit trees that every Downtown area seems to have?? They make me sneeze & itch. I love their dainty ballerina colors of pink, purple & white but I start sneezing a block away .  .  .  .  14 sneezes later & I'm a road hazard. Haven't been arrested yet but I figure it's coming.

I look forward to the end of tax season every year - well, the frantic part of the season, that is - because people are still calling & dropping them off all summer. This year, I'm formally selfemployed, but managing to make enough in casual jobs to get by nicely. When you don't drink, smoke, party, shop the mall or gamble, you don't need much to get by. I intended to spend more time with my patio garden, dyes & spinning wheel out there in the mornings. So far, I'm still commuting to the office in the morning in my jammies & doing income tax in the mornings!!  But it's not all bad. I'm listening to Jurassic Park as I compute. I have a giant mug of milky tea in my fist & I can go to my favorite cafe for Friday lunch around 1:00. And, I've already done three returns today.

I've been spending a lot of time in cars lately too. Just spent two half days taking the Ex to his eye appointments. He's getting to hate driving in traffic, when they mess with his eyes he can't see to drive anyway & it's easier than dealing with him if he has an accident. I just find a shady spot, pop in the ear buds & knit. The sock on the left is one half of the current Frankensocks in thicker leftover yarns. I have a couple of 20 somethings who fight over any Frankensocks that might become available.

This little sock here - next to Dotty's Chicken Bag - will be in lightweight DGS Confetti yarn for me for summer. Since I only have the one ball, they'll be finished with a nice light grey after I turn the heel. I have several balls of this thinner Confetti yarn - all in different colors of course - but they'll all work out nicely with solids for half of the foot. I mean, who's gonna see the part inside the sneaker anyway?? Right???


Linda said...

I think spring time is an itchy time in general, too much stuff blooming. Don't you love ear buds & knitting? What did knitters do before audio books?

Sharon in Surrey said...

What did Data Entry people do without Murders???? LOL I agree. It's the one gift I gave myself that I use every single day!

Louisa said...

Glad the ears are feeling better! I'm always amazed that people can listen to audio books and think at the same time. I can't follow the story well enough. OK, guess that's just me then. :)

Sharon in Surrey said...

No thinking involved in Data Entry!!! You're just a machine who transfers data from paper to another machine. I started listening while working at Revenue Canada sorting tax forms!!! My accuracy was 99% while listening. Crazy eh??