Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Finally Did It

Yes, by gawd, I finally did it. I finished those socks. You know the ones, they're for the Dental Assistant with the big feet. And the only one, other than the Dentist himself, who doesn't give me galvanic shocks when I'm in the Dental Chair. Now, most of us aren't too happy to be in that chair in the first place but just try it out when you get shocks from everything they shove in your mouth. So, I'm very fond of my Dental Assistant despite the time she overfilled the impression tray with pink gunk & choked me with semi-solid goop. But, I still like her a lot.

The socks are Frankensocks - made up of leftovers from other socks. Lara wanted PINK socks but I didn't have enough in one color to make her size so I thought I'd haul out the box of leftovers to see what I could do. And tada - here they are. You know?? They kind of remind me of Spring & flowers just bursting into bloom.

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Louisa said...

Those are really pretty and spring-like! She's going to love them.