Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Next Day

Well! The test turned out to be as simple & boring as an X-ray in the end. Stripped to the waist, got TWO gowns too small - they only come in two sizes, too big or too small - & climbed onto an apparatus that looked like a counter attached to a huge hair drier. The Technician was a whiz at inserting IVs & zipped it into the back of my hand like she'd done 10,000 of them before mine. She probably had!!! I never even got to say anything other than "WOW, you're a Pro." So, if anyone tells you horror stories about the CAT Scan, throw your arms in the air &
laugh out loud. I never felt anything other than the tiny prick of the IV. Never noticed the dye other than a faint feeling of heat in my groin. And that might've been my imagination. I did my deep breathing & hummed my Ohmmmms softly as it banged away. The only real problem I had was a muscle spasm between my shoulder blades from the hard, flat surface when I sat up. Hopefully the results will be as uninteresting as the test .  .  .  .  Mind you, I wouldn't say NO to being able to sing along to my radio once more.

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