Monday, March 10, 2014

One More Test

Tomorrow I head to the hospital for the next test in the series to find out why one of my vocal chords is paralyzed. I've never had a CAT scan before & I understand I get to shove my head & upper chest into a medical contraption that's supposed to reveal all the secrets of my inner workings in that area. I'm secretly scared to death - I hate needles - I understand they're gonna shoot me full of some dye that will make me want to throw up & pee my pants at the same time. What a thrill .  .  .  .  I suppose its time I got some of those services I've been paying for all my life but I'd rather be looking over someone else's shoulder while they get the needle full of dye, thank you. I'd donate to somebody else right about now. I'm supposed to be drinking tons of fluid to plump up my veins for tapping but they've already decided to send the fluid directly to my bladder instead. All I've done all day is pee. It should be fun tomorrow. By the time I get there, I'll be in a sweat, the blood vessels will shrink down to nothing & I'll spend all my time in the washroom, peeing. Sigh. I'd rather be knitting.

I'm taking the latest sock with me. I only have a toe to finish & then it's done. My Dental Assistant Lara will be thrilled with her new socks. And I'll make sure I take one last photo before she gets them. It's usually the part I forget.

And it's tax season folks. Get your paperwork out & get it in gear. Don't be like the fellow who's taxes I worked on all day yesterday - he hadn't filed in 7 years. And you can just imagine what his bill is like today. I wish I could get a wool deduction - wouldn't that be grand??? If & when it happens, I'll let you all know.


Louisa said...

Fingers crossed that all goes well for you with your head in the CAT machine! Hope they find out something useful. It would sure drive ME nuts not being able to talk properly and I'm sure you feel the same way.

Sharon in Surrey said...

It's the truth!! The working vocal chord is the one that makes the high, breathy, squeaky sounds!! Totally NOT me. It's really impacted my life. Can't answer phones, can't carry on a proper conversation, can't sing, can't debate, can't lecture, can't yell, I even cough funny. Swallowing can be problematic at times.I'm like TV with no volume control. I may have to apply for the 'Burnt Out' pension as my British friend calls it.