Saturday, February 08, 2014

Let The Games Begin

The Ravellenics(the knitting & crochet version of the Olympics) began this A.M. with the Opening Ceremonies in Sochi.  I Cast On a little later in the day. I slept in since had a really, really busy day yesterday. I had my first appointment with the Specialist about my lack of voice & my first test at the hospital. And of course, the fight with the parking machine that wouldn't take my credit card - either of them - and the phone call to the head office to complain, which ended up with a recorded message giving me an 'incident number' which I couldn't write down since I didn't know I was getting one . .  .  .  all standing in the -9 weather with the wind blowing through my double seed stitch sweater. I am not equipped to be standing outside in very cold - for the wet coast that is a record setting temperature - windy weather with a cane, a limp & a bag.  By the time I got home from 4 appointments, I was done.

Thank Gawd for the internet. I was able to look at all the outfits that everyone wore. The colors are definitely wilder this time around & I'll bet they glow in the dark too. Someone else got the Silly Medal this year for their outfits. And I was so glad to see our Athletes look a lot classier in 2014.

I'm competing in the Ravellenics again this year. Hopefully, I'll actually get my Arvik sweater finished & on my back this time around. It's been hanging on the door to my office for a year & is on it's third re-knit. As some of my friends have said, that wool will be worn out long before I get to wear it if I don't watch out. But look at all the fun I've had. You can't buy that with money .  .  .  .  Yeah, WIP Wrestling. That's the category for people like me with projects like that. And we get a medal if we finish too. Wooo hooo.

I'm also knitting two little Wonderful Wallabies. Size 2 & 4. They'll be entered in the Sweaterboard Cross as a single entry. They're going to have stripey arms with a plain navy body since I don't think I have enough navy yarn to finish both sweaters if I don't. They'll be cute enough for two small boys to roll around in, that's for sure. This is the amount I managed to knit today on Day 1 of the Ravellenics. I've got 4" on the body of the size 2 Wallaby & I'm getting ready to pick up the stitches for the pouch in front. But that's  a project for tomorrow. I think this one will get the variegated blue sleeves since I only have one ball. Or maybe I'll alternate the blue with the buff to stretch it out a little. An extra long cuff that can fold back for now will give a little kid a little more growing room.

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