Sunday, January 05, 2014

Pink Frankensocks in the Sunshine

It almost looks like summer out there again today! Hardly a cloud in the sky & it looks like folks are wearing shorts!! Actually, some never take them off around here in the winter, they just wear heavier materials, longer socks & a jacket.
I missed most of yesterday's sunshine while I pounded on my keyboard but today, I'm taking my latest Frankensock project with me to Starbucks & soaking up some sunshine.  I promised PINK socks to my lovely Dental Assistant just before Christmas. Pink is her favorite color. After looking through my stash, I find I don't have anything in Pink except leftovers. I have a big pile of leftovers with Pink in them because I like patterns with pink & purple as you can see. Frankensocks would be a good option here because that darned girl has very long, large feet. Even though I know she'd be thrilled with pink LACE socks - lace never comes in size 12 unless you knit them yourself - Frankensocks, it will have to be this time. I could even add some black or dark grey to really make the pink pop, too. And while I really hate knitting size 12 socks, I guess it's better than owing size 12 feet!


Linda said...

I wear size 12 shoes and knit all my socks because I've never been able to buy commercially made socks that fit well. I've tried women's plus sizes as well as men's and neither fit well. I've fine tuned my knitting pattern to perfection. Even so, a 12 is a 12. I lament loudly over every pair I knit. Every pair is equal to knitting socks for men. I live in Oregon & have to order shoes online because I can't find my size in the stores here. Even so I always have a pair of socks on needles.

Sharon in Surrey said...

You have my sympathy. My Ex has size 13 canal barges as wide as you can go. I used to knit all his socks. I know what it's like! At least I can knit PINK ones for the Dental Assistant.