Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little trip to the Mail Box

I don't check the Box every day but I do try to empty out the junk mail on a weekly basis to get rid of the catalogs & other crap that shows up unsolicited. Yesterday I got a nice surprise!! A squishy soft parcel with two months of my Roving of the Month!!

I sure don't need any more roving - I could probably spin for the next 10 years & still have roving left over - but the colors & the fibre made me do it. I just couldn't NOT join the Roving of the Month club. Aren't the colors lovely?? I love anything purple or hot pink. Add a little turquoise to the mix & well, it's an addiction! I'm drawn to the patterns in hot pink even if they don't fit or aren't suitable. And I have so many pairs of socks in purples, pinks or both that I'm branching out into reds & just a little acid green.

My package also included a sample of painted silk hankies in - now what did you expect?? - why pinks & purples, of course. I really like silk hankies because they don't have to be spun to be used in a project. I've stretched & pulled silk hankies into yarn & knitted them into a baby's cap without spinning. Silk is so strong & beautiful. This sample matches a couple of ROM's from last year if I want to combine them into a project. I have quite a collection of silk hankies & the remains of two bricks of tussah silk from 1973 - I spun & crocheted a gorgeous shawl without setting the spin  .  .  .  I was a newbie at the time!! But I learned my lesson well. It sure was nice finding that silk shawl 40 years later when I couldn't afford to buy silk & take it all apart though.

 And in the bottom of the bag I also found a skein of painted sock yarn that I won in a draw! I've been concentrating on knitting short summer socks for my sneakers since I only have a couple of pairs. This lovely skein should make a wonderful pair in some of my favorite colors.

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Louisa said...

Those are definitely your colours, Sharon! Pretty-pretty! I can't work with hankies at all because they just kill my poor wee hands. I think there are still some in my stash undyed though. And I totally need to knit some more short, socks too. I found out that I can walk farther in my shoes with socks in them. Who knew? :)