Monday, June 23, 2014

Socks, Socks Everywhere

Yes, I'm still knitting socks. Short socks that is. I finished the ones I started in May & have begun another pair for June. I used to churn out a pair a week a few years ago but I really feel the barometric changes in my fingers & thumbs as well as my right hip & left wrist since my two accidents in the last three years. I'm a walking bag of aching  joints & burning fingers when we go from pouring rain to clear & hot the next day. All of this restricts my sitting & knitting ability although I swear the knitting keeps my fingers limber enough to continue working on the keyboard!

So now I knit a pair a month or so. Depends on the good Dramas on TV, too. I love Friday & Saturday line-ups on PBS & Knowledge. Sometimes I get a good THREE hours of knitting & watching in! LOL  Rooting around in my stash this weekend, I found a 100gm ball of Opal sock yarn. It's one of their NEON series in pinks & blues & yellows & greens. Covers everything in my wardrobe!!! I'm not sure when I bought this yarn - possibly a couple of years ago when my favorite yarn store was closing out. I haven't bought much Opal since they dropped their Rainforest lines. I loved the Rainforest colors. I bought Fish & Clown & Parrot & Ladybug twice. I had several other colors chosen when they stopped shipping to Canada. sigh And then I found the DROPS colorways .  .  .  OMG.  As you can tell, I love color in my socks. Fact is, I love color period. No blacks or whites or browns for me, my basics are Raspberry, Watermelon & hot Pink.

Don't laugh but I bought yarn called LadySlipper on the computer. Just some better quality acrylic yarn for a work sweater for the winter. Something that can be tossed in the washer every couple of weeks & survive without a lot of care. It was cheap & cheerful & perfect for the job. When it came, it was the same color as my Dalesman wool that I bought - one skein at a time because I couldn't afford a whole sweater's worth. I knit a lovely jacket from the Dalesman wool but it has to be very carefully handled to wash it. I wasn't expecting the same color - I thought it would be more of a purple shade. Nope. Its the same screaming Raspberry as the wool. It sure made me laugh.

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