Sunday, June 08, 2014

Taking it Easy

The sun is out & the grass is riz .  .  .  . 

It's summertime & the living is supposed to be easy. Tax time is over & the heavy duty data entry jobs are raising their ugly heads. There's nothing like a rent dead line looming to get yer ass in gear.  Good thing I have a library of audio books to keep me entertained. Stuart MacBride is narrating his own book, Blind Eye, as I write this. I've come to love the Aberdeen accents & slang of the Police as they go about solving crimes with the craziest characters I've ever run into. I just laughed out loud at DCI Steele's attempts to get DI Logan - main character - to donate a sperm sample so her wife can have a baby. Between getting shot at, blown up, beat up & chased down by DCI Steele, Our Hero leads a busy life. Sure makes the data entry go by quickly.

And what's going on when I'm not on the keyboard??? Why, knitting Summer Socks, of course. I have two pairs on the go at the moment. I found only one skein of DCS Confetti in a pink, yellow & grey self-patterning yarn. Confetti has really good yardage per 50gm ball but not enough to knit ME a pair of short socks with a nice deep heel. I found a light grey & a dark grey but nothing that really matched. But, most of the sock will be buried in a shoe so I decided to knit the ribbing to the heel in Confetti & picked the dark grey to finish the foot. The other pair are in leftover thin blues. The car knitting bag contains Crafter cotton remnants that will become very large face cloths the next time I'm in the parking lot waiting on the Ex husband.

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