Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One More Gloomy Blog

 This is the third time I've started this. Every time I read it, it's so gloomy that I don't want to publish it. It's the darkest, gloomiest, dampest, loneliest, brokest time of the year & One More Gloomy Blog Entry won't help anyone, including me.

And what is it that makes me Gloomy??? Perhaps it's the legacy from my highland Scottish ancestors. Maybe it's the hoarding tendencies inherited from my English great grandmother. Or maybe, it's surviving in a world of rapidly decreasing income & increasing cost of living. We're all a couple of paychecks away from being homeless in this country & it doesn't help to be reminded of it every time I read a paper. I guess I shouldn't whine, I have a bed, a roof & hot & cold running water. The toilet flushes. I'm warm & dry with the internet & 900+ audiobooks in my library. Is it just the mid-winter doldrums???? Maybe a week of warm, sunny weather & a sun-kissed nose would help??? Oh, and some of those rum drinks with the fruit & parasols in a coconut in my hand wouldn't hurt!!

Maybe it's just the lack of color at this time of the year. It's just so grey out there - even the greens are grey. Maybe its time to work with bright colors for a change. Was it the Neon Pink toes on that last pair of Frankensocks that did this????? I'd really like a slightly oversized sweatshirt with a lovely big collar instead of a hood to keep me warmer in my office. Something with a really bright yoke & a darkish bottom. Or maybe a tropical hat in Hot Pink & Orange?? Or maybe, GASP, a Stephen West scarf in wild colors??? Wow. What a thought. Now wouldn't that just brighten up the whole world???

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Louisa said...

You definitely need to get some light in your world! I say go for a Steven West knit. He can't help but make you smile. Hugs!