Sunday, January 31, 2016

I thought I'd run out of yarn

I dragged my butt on finishing the current pair of socks because I knew I would run out of yarn. I'd turned both heels & was midway down the first foot when I realized I was running out. I only had two balls of this particularly happy Kroy 4-ply yarn & running out made me really blue. Seriously blue. It's not that I don't have bits & pieces of other 4-ply yarns but I don't have anything close to working with these happy colors. And I wanted them for myself. I suppose it's the time of year & the gloomy weather that really paralyzed me when it came to finishing this particular pair of socks .  .  .  .  because it was really weird. I just let them lay. And then a couple of days ago I thought, Hell, I'll just knit them until the yarn runs out & rewind them into nice little flat bottomed cakes on my ball winding machine until I feel like making a smaller size. Seriously.

So I was knitting away last night just to get them off the needles while watching my favorite Saturday night line-up on the Knowledge Network, when the lightbulb came on. And I realized I might just be able to finish them with the existing yarn. It was going to be close. And I decided I could probably find something to finish the toe caps if I really had too, even if I had to combine two other yarns to do it. This is where I got to on the first sock when I decided I'd probably be able to finish them. WoooHoooo I ended up with less than a foot of yarn left over between them. And I have another pair of thick, 4ply, Kroy winter socks in a really fun colorway. And there's nothing better than that.

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Louisa said...

Yay! Doncha just love it when things turn out better than you think? I wasn't quite so close on my sleeves but it was a nail biter.