Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some'in Some'in

I really meant to blog a while back but I got busy. I'm working on two courses for now - both are much too interesting to drop one in favor of the other - and I moved myself to a future date on the third. Whew. So much interesting stuff out there & they all start at the same time!!!! So, this month, I'm concentrating on my Gut & Chromosomes. LOL They are linked, believe it or not.

When not beating on the computer - yes, it's year-end time for a lot of small businesses AND year-end time for personal Income Tax too - I'm knitting socks again. I dug out all the bags & boxes that have sock leftovers in them and decided to make  Frankensocks out of all the leftovers. Not that I need any socks, mind you, but it's always wise to make socks when fingers don't mind making socks. And my fingers can't always make socks when they want - sometimes getting socks ON & tying shoes is about all I can manage. So, I'm making socks while I can.

I adore patterned yarns for socks. It may be that I'm just too lazy to work my own pattern. And solid colors are so dull & boring on their own. Call me crazy, with all those wild, patterned yarns out there, why not go for it???? So many patterns, so little time!!

Frankensocks are my favorite type of socks & so much fun to boot. Most of
my male friends have preferred Blues, women preferred Reds &  Pinks/Purples. I, well, I like them all. I've rarely had someone ask for a pair of Yellow or Orange socks although the 'Mexiko' colorway with it's Red/Yellow/Orange/Brown was very popular. And only once did I ever make myself a pair of socks in brown, it was a pattern called 'Africa' in shades of brown/tan/yellow - think of traditional African Mud Cloth prints. They are gorgeous & I love to wear them.
So, I finished my Blue Frankensocks. But, they were sooooo blue. I thought they needed a little some'in some'in & not just another dark blue toe neither. I asked the 20-something boys at my favorite truck stop cafe what they thought about Neon Pink. The boys said YES!! Today, I showed them off. They were arguing over who should get them while I ate lunch .  .  .  .

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