Thursday, February 04, 2016

'Tis The Season

I've been getting up with the birds for the last four days to spend the day banging on my keyboard. 'Tis the Season when all companies must complete T4s & T5018s for anyone they employed in the previous year. This is doubly important in the Construction industry where a lot of people have worked 'under the table' for eons. Revenue Canada is peering very closely at any company that might, could or is employing undocumented workers.

And part of my job is to educate anyone I work for in the ways to record WHO worked for WHAT in the past year. A lot of people look at a canceled cheque as proof of payment. Good luck. Revenue Canada doesn't care who you paid or whether you paid. They only care about the bill. The INVOICE is the Document that says what kind of expense you incurred. You bought something, employed a company to do something or were billed for a service. A cheque is nothing, as is the debit on your bank statement because no one knows what the expense was or if you paid tax. Too many employers pay without getting paperwork. Just TRY getting personal information from someone who has returned to their country of origin after working illegally on a visitor's permit. It happens all the time.

So from February to the end of June, I'm swamped with work! Good thing I enjoy the challenge. BUT all of this work usually has me nodding off around 8:30ish in front of the tube though. The last two nights I ended up forcing myself to stay awake until 9 so I wouldn't end up getting up at 5:30 again .   .   .   .   so no knitting has been taking place at all although I have been slowly winding all the acrylic odds n sodds into nice flat cakes on my ball winding machine.
I had the idea of crocheting blankets - my famous 'One Giant Granny Square' blankets!!  I hate sewing things together but love the Granny Square for it's brightness, color & the way it uses up all the leftovers. I just keep working the rounds until a color runs out or I get tired of it & move onto another color. Simple, mindless, easy to do, portable & uses up all the leftovers. What could be better than that???? And it makes a nice, handmade gift to a Syrian family coming to Canada with nothing.