Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Hear Old Age Knocking

Didja ever open a blog page & just go blank?? I was going to make some pithy comments about something & I just sat here looking at the blank page. I hope it isn't a momentary glimpse of the future.

The blanket of last week is now three times it's former self - I dug & dug & found all kinds of inappropriate yarns in the stash. Lavender baby yarn will NOT go with the Big Boy wool, neither will the Sissy
Barber-pole Stripe or the Hand-painted Handspun. I don't want to add acrylic to the mix so it might sit in a basket until I sniff out more unwanted woolies. I think there's three balls left & that's IT. 
I had to drape it over my lawn chair in the middle of the kitchen, right under the 100 watt bulb, to get a decent picture of the whole thing in the dark, grey weather we've been having!!

I got tired of the damn blanket the other day anyway & cast on a sock. After a couple of non-knitting days with a sore wrist & swollen thumb, I was desperate to do something else. Anything but the blanket. So, out jumped a couple of balls of good Old Kroy 4-ply & I was off once more on my bamboo skewer needles. I swear this Kroy keeps my feet from freezing all by itself in the winter. I just love it. I wish they still made the stuff. Oh, yeah, someone out there makes Kroy 4-ply but it's not the same as this old stuff. Not at all.

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