Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Shoved Out of Bed

I hate getting up in the morning when it's dark, grey, wet, cold & gloomy. Especially NOW when I have red, fleece sheets on my bed & under my head. I bought myself a set of them the Christmas before last when they were on sale. I had worn my favorite 'Penguin' fitted sheet through at the foot & my 'Snowflake' sheet was looking pretty thin as well. Sheets just aren't worth mending anymore - not like in my Granny's day when you cut them in half, turned them around, seamed the two ends together across the middle & hemmed the two cut ends. The fabric in those days lasted a lifetime. And I tend to wear out my fitted sheets at the foot. Maybe it's from wandering feet at night or maybe it's the socks I wear to bed when it's cold. Who knows??? But now I have fleece sheets. Normally I don't even use a top sheet - I have several duvet covers made out of top sheets that I use instead - but fleece sheets are so comfy that I've been wrapping myself in both!!! I know what I'll be using in the winter from now on!!!

I wonder if I can get fleece underpants??

Now that the days are lighter much earlier in the day, I'm a little happier. I find winter  so hard to live with. We aren't even going to talk about how the cold affects my hands!! I prefer to get up when it's light & go to bed when it's dark. I love those mornings when the sun comes up & the only noise you hear are the birds outside. So nice to sit there in the early morning with a cup of tea & watch the squirrels argue with the birds. In the winter I just want to stay in bed where it's warm & listen to an audiobook until the whole neighborhood has gone for the day before I drag myself out. Especially when it's dark. And cold. And wet. And - to add insult to injury - as I forced myself out of bed this last wet Monday morning, the corner of said bedframe broke & dumped me on my ass on the cold floor. Nothing a big, grey brick can't fix but still, an extra shock to the system.

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