Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sunshine & Lollipops

The sun is out & Surrey is wearing shorts. Holey Crap. It was freezing overnight but the sun came out & we're all coatless today. Typical south Wet Coast behavior. Like an aging reptile, I dragged my aching bones out into the sunshine - it felt so good - & over to the coffee shop for an hour this afternoon. Only the old people wore coats!! Most of the kids not only wore shorts but had summer tees on as well. Although I left my coat at home, I still wore LONG pants & socks. You can't stay in bed ALL day when the sun shines even when you feel crappy.

I was starting to feel like a zombie last evening while my ears were clogging up, so, of course, I decided to start a new project called L'Enveloppe. It's something interesting that I want to make for my niece who loves all things weird, odd or strange. I figured I'd spend a couple of mindless hours knitting in front of the tube before bed. It's not a shawl or scarf but a little of both. It's one piece that stays on without a button or pin & can be worn as a simple cowl or on the shoulders as a wrap.
Found some gold mohair & acrylic, called Geisha, left over from a lace cardigan I made her mother over 30 years ago in the stash. Imported from Germany, it was very expensive at the time & I had to wait until the season end clearance sale to even afford it!! So having 5 balls in the stash was a real find. Especially since my niece's mother died several years ago & they both loved the gold sweater. Gotta keep that kid happy since she may be looking after this old aunty in her dotage!!!

Not sure what the yardage is on this stuff but it looks like there will be plenty. I'm using 5mm circular needles & knitting it in garter stitch since this is the first time I've ever made one. This is a test knit, sort of. I can see how it fits the model above but I have no idea how it's made to fit her at this point other than a really basic drawing so, this will tell me how it goes together & give me an idea of whether or not it can be made larger to fit me.
I have a bin full of handspun in purple - all different batches of purple roving that I've spun up over the years but mostly in the same or similar color. I'd like something light & warm to wear that doesn't take up a lot of space. Something that can be squished into the corner of a bag & pulled out if it gets chilly. I really am NOT a shawl wearer. Maybe this is what I want.

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Louisa said...

I saw that pattern and wondered what it would be like to knit! I will wait to see your version. Take care of yourself, Sharon! I hope you got some nice sun today.