Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Back From the Dead

The bug that bit me has moved on to someone else. Didn't feel awfully terrible but everything hurt including a really nasty headache. Luckily, I nodded off every time I stopped moving. So, I slept most of the time wrapped in my red, fleece sheets. I even put the fleece pillow cases on over the flannel ones I usually use. It was warm, breezy - I had the window open & Anne McCaffrey entertained me between dreams. I think I listened to 'Dragonsinger' 47 times in little bits here & there.

Yesterday, I actually got dressed & went OUT for lunch/dinner at my favorite little greasy spoon and devoured a grilled chicken & Havarti on toasted rye. After 5 days of soup in a cup, it was magnificent! Meatless Mondays are fine but when they extend into the rest of the week, it's not fine anymore!!

The L'Enveloppe advances. I was a little too zonked out to accomplish much but, I am now moving down the back from the neck opening. This goes up the front from the point to the neck. Cast's off & back on again for the neck opening & then moves down the back to the point. So, it's kind of an elongated M in the end, I guess. Mmmmmmm 
I cast-on for the Medium since I think the large would've been way too large. But, garter does have a lot of stretch to it if you need it. The knitting itself is so light & airy it's hard to believe it could provide any warmth at all but the yarn contains a good amount of mohair for warmth.
One good thing about mohair, if you drop a stitch & I have a couple of times - it doesn't go anywhere!!! I'd hate to have to frog this thing, though, all that fluff makes it really tough. All in all, it's fun to knit, I think it'll fit & it'll make a great dog blankey if it doesn't.

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