Thursday, November 16, 2017

Another Day at the Doctor

I finally found a new Family Doctor - mine retired after 46 years as my doc - & I've been going thru all the tests the new doc wants - what a pain in the ass. I also have to admit I haven't really BEEN to the old doctor much in my lifetime except when I got really sick or needed stitching up. It was more convenient to hit the nearest clinic after I dislocated my wrist & tore the meniscus in my knee than wait 3 hours in my doctor's waiting room.

My new doctor will only talk about 2 things per appointment no matter what which is also a pain & she always looks a bit frazzled by the time our appointment is over. That's what she gets for ordering a massive amount of tests. Friday, at our last semi-monthly meeting, I told her NO, we aren't discussing my cardiogram & cholesterol levels today - her plans, we're discussing my constant cough & the fact that I strained my neck, pinched a nerve & couldn't raise my right arm above my hip while struggling to birth an alien from my lungs last weekend. My ribs, shoulders & back  are all sore from coughing. By the time I dress, shower & run to the garbage bin in the mornings, I could cheerfully crawl back into bed. Then I started to cough. I was tight as a drum.

So she listened to my lungs. And tapped my back. And ordered chest xrays. Oh Gawd, what now?? She told me I sounded like I have pneumonia. And from the sounds of my symptoms, I'd probably been walking around with pneumonia since the the summer. Figures. Next thing I knew, I was armed with two puffers & another appointment to talk about my cardiogram & cholesterol. That woman just won't give up.


Nada. Nothing. I've got FLC(feeling like crap) soooo bad that I just wanna stay under the warm covers until I have to pee. Or cough.

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Louisa said...

Oh goodness! How did you not get that chest checked out sooner, girl? We are definitely not spring chickens anymore! Gotta take care of ourselves. Now be good and do what you have to and get better soon!