Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

And its raining again. I remember Easter Sunday when I was a child. It was one of the few times my mother would actually get dressed up & attend the local church where we all went to Sunday School! Everyone would arrive in new clothes & Easter bonnets covered with flowers & ribbons. After church, we'd go Easter Egg hunting in the local park & then head home for a mid afternoon dinner of Ham, scalloped potatoes & home made pie with real whipped cream. Mom always cooked ham for Easter. And only she knew how to set the automatic, self-timing oven.

And what will I cook for dinner??? Probably stir fry over rice. I was given a turkey & I bought a ham but the turkey is in Ronn's nephew's freezer while the ham got cut into several big pieces since I'm on my own for Easter. Maybe I'll simmer up the bone today since a rich soup with lentils would taste good in the damp weather . . . maybe I'll cut up some small yams to throw into the soup as well. Hmmmmm

Haven't had the time to spin much of anything but I've been plowing along on my socks. I hope to finish the toes sometime this weekend - I'm going to use the yellow by the way - and then I want to start on the new Opal socks for Laura. Managed to get another row onto the crocheted afghan in the dark denim color last nite while watching tv while the printer printed off the latest batch of tax returns.

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