Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yeah yeah yeah . . .

I know, I know - two posts so close together!! My Gawd . . . & it's tax season too! But, but, but . . . Laura's first pair of socks are done & I had to post them for All the World to See! Well, at least for the 5 people who actually check in to see what I'm up to, anyway!
In the end, I chose to go with the green for the toes. The yellow was too orangey to work with the lemon shades of the sock. The blue works nicely but I'll need it for the second pair of socks since I'll have less of the Opal & I'll need more toe color. The Opal actually looks different with the blue so I may just post the pictures together when I'm finished - just for fun!

I couldn't stand it anymore. I just had to know what kind of pattern my new red, white & black Opal would make so I thought I'd just cast a little on, knit a few rows & see what I got. Looks suspiciously like the "Ladybug" I bought last year! Could it be??? I dug out my "Ladybug" socks & it sure looks the same except the stripes are narrower & closer together at this point. I'll just have to knit a little more to make sure, I guess . . . .

Oh, and I just signed up for the "Vitamins" course at Virtual University.
I've already learn some things I didn't know & I'm only reading the introduction to the course. You can learn a lot at the Virtual U!

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