Sunday, April 15, 2007

Slaving Away April

Its THAT time again - tax season! I do like tax, in fact I LOVE beating the TaxMan out of a nickel or two every year! But I hate the last minute rush, working all hours & tearing those tractor-feed piles into single sheets!! Sorting bags of receipts folded into one inch squares - why DO men do that anyway?? - has to be the ultimate horrible job but tearing piles of linked sheets into singles must be a close second!!

Despite all the aggravation, I've finished another pair of socks for myself! My pal Gail gave me this Regia for my birthday a year or two ago & I meant to knit it up sooner or later . . . And, thanx to Laura, I thought I'd put something different on for the toe!! I had planned bright pink but I've become rather predictable lately, sooooooo, here it is with a YELLOW toe for a change!!!

It's always fun to break into a new ball of yarn & see what kind of pattern
it will make. This pair of short socks is knit in Opal & it certainly didn't imply it would become a dainty pattern between broad yellow stripes! It's actually been fun to see how it will turn out. I have yellow, which I think is too bright; turquoise, which may turn out to be just right; green, which I'm not liking much and lastly, white might be a good contender for the toes. I'll just finish turning the second heel & decide from there. This may end up as a committee choice! I figure I'll have enough Opal left to make a second pair of socks with a slightly different look . . . . .

No time to spin these days but if I get my butt in gear & finish all the returns piled up in my office, I may be able to spend next Saturday communing with my spinning wheel & the rest of the Arvik fleece. Gail says she's figured out that I will never finish anything for myself out of my handspun! Will too!! I just get too many projects going at once & tend to finish the smaller ones first. It just takes a hellova lot of knitting time to cover my Very Ample Self these days & I tend to lose interest when the next ball of sock yarn enters the house . . . . .

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