Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday in the Sunshine

It's been a very busy tax season so far and, wonder of wonders, the BT's disability company has actually sent a first payment! My bank account has been on empty for so long, I can't quite get used to having money at the end of the bills!! And, I was also given 5, brand new $100 bills to buy myself something for my birthday!!! He actually said "Curves or Clothes, its up to you"! Curves proved to be just too expensive for my taste so I bought some clothes! And now I may be able to purchase a folding spinning wheel . . . . I tell you, Money isn't EVERYTHING but you can't do ANYTHING without it in this day & age!!

So, what else am I doing with all my new found riches??? Well, I bought some Opal - 4 balls of it. Lynne, our travelling Socklady, brought some of her stash & I glommed onto several balls. The red, purple & multicolored balls will be for me while the yellow will be for the BT's mom who will probably match it up with her tan or brown outfits. I didn't buy anything MANLY but I still have several balls of the Sock-it-to-Me yarn from Elann which the BT's dad likes so I'm okay for birthday & Christmas. The BT has a dozen pairs of socks & can wait, dammit!

Speaking of the BT, he'll be moving in the next couple of months & I decided to finally make the afghan I promised him a couple of years ago. I bought several one-pound balls of Bernat acrylic in different shades of Denim blue. All are in faded shades, which I thought would look really nice together. Since I hate sewing things together, I'm crocheting it as one giant granny square. I could've made it into a giant rectangle but didn't think of it in time so he's getting a giant square instead. He won't care, he already loves the colors & can't wait to use it.

I've actually turned the heels on my latest socks which got abandoned for a while in the rush to make squares for Blankets4Canada. These are for me - I love the bright colors & won't ever change!! Laura, from the Wednesday Nite Nitters found a great blue & a yellow in Kroy which would make great toes for these socks although I thought a pink would work as well. Since I'm always choosing pink or red, I think I may just use the yellow for a change!

The next sock project is already in my knitting bag. Laura, from the Wednesday Nite Nitters, bought a ball of Opal in yellow with a little blue, green & white in it. She bought 2 balls of Kroy & 2 of Sisu in co-ordinating colors for the toes - I get to pick since I offered to knit the socks for her. Laura crochets & does some basic - real basic - knitting & I don't think we'll ever get her into socks. I do love to knit socks & can't wait to see what kind of pattern each colored ball makes - I must be crazy!!


Audrey said...

Hi Sharon,
You will LOVE how those Opal colours knit up, I have made socks with all of them except the yellow Magic (but it is in my stash!), I think the Opal Prisma colours are some of my favourites, other than the new Feelings line, have you seen any of those? If you like bright, you will love those. Happy Easter, hope you get lots of knitting done, I finished off a pair of socks this morning, and I will be making some Blankets for Canada squares for you in the near future.
Audrey in Sunny Maple Ridge

Sharon in Surrey said...

Why thank you Audrey!!! This week is Square Nite at the Wednesday Nite Nitters & all donations are gratefully received!!! By the way, I just LOVE the Opal Rainforest collection!!! I have my eye on several of the new colors in the second collection!