Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunshine At Last!!

I spent most of today in the car, on the road & in and out of Starbucks. Its tax season again. I'm running all over town picking up, delivering & dropping off tax stuff. I have envelopes, boxes, bags & binders in my home office. I have a deep pile of printed tax returns in front of the printer waiting to be put together & stuffed into envelopes for Revenue Canada. I'm so glad it was sunny today! I actually stayed outside & soaked up some extra rays when I finally got home - I'll see how many rays in the morning when I see what color my face is . . . . .

I have 8 new squares in the Blankets4Canada basket. They're all in the rose/turquoise/green/yellow combo yarn from Bernat that I found in the stash. I decided to just knit it all up into squares for now & then find some nice grey or black in a compatible weight to make the rest of the blanket. I'll sprinkle the colored squares around so they show off like jewels in the solid background. This is getting to be fun!

And - I've traded my little white car for a loaded Safari Van.
I confess my little car has developed some problems which need to be fixed but I don't have any money. Since ICBC STILL hasn't paid my partner ANYTHING for rehab, drugs, wage loss or medical treatments in almost TWO YEARS, we live day to day. Needless to say, my car has suffered. I broke a spring on the Pattulo bridge a couple of weeks ago - the curb lane is full of potholes which can't be dodged!! and the exhaust manifold is venting into my car because it's cracked. One of my clients offered me this van at a price I couldn't refuse - FREE. It has some minor problems but no one has to lay on the wet or cold ground to pull a tranny to fix these ones. Now I'll just have to learn to parallel park a van again . . . And now I have plenty of room to haul around a couple of spinning wheels, baggage & comfy chairs for several spinners . . . Whoooooeeeeee!

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